Largest wine tour company in Arizona. We offer pickups/drop offs in both Scottsdale and Sedona.

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Bliss Wine Tours is a family owned and operated business that started in 2015. We are the most luxurious wine tour company in northern Arizona and have tour guides that have lived in the area for 30 years, bringing their vast knowledge of local activities and restaurant recommendations to our guests. We know where to eat and play for the most fun.

Experience Luxury!

Looking to have a chill date night with a private tour? Are you walking down the aisle soon? Whatever the occasion, Bliss has you covered. We are the only wine tour company that offers each of our guests an actual charcuterie board. No stinky tuna sandwiches or shared snacks. Celebrate your occasion with sophistication, relaxation and a day of pampering.

Bachelorettes come prepared for fun!

Bliss is the only company in town that caters to the bride-to-be and her squad with bachelorette party wine tours. Take your wine tour to the next level with luxury transportation, champagne and your very own hangover kit. Create your custom hashtag and document the day with instagram worthy picture taking against Arizona’s desert skies and majestic red rocks.

Prone to having a few clumsy friends? Does someone get car sickness? Bliss takes customer service to the next level. We want everyone to enjoy themselves and understand that sometimes a little extra help is needed. Know your guide comes prepared with barf bags, ginger chews and Wine Away.

Our owner grew up making wine with his father, which is where the passion took root. Since then, Bliss has introduced the Scottsdale area to Northern Arizona wineries and has helped shape the wine tour industry in Sedona. We are proud to create an experience that you will remember.

If that isn’t enough, we have street cred. Bliss Wine Tours has been featured on MTV, making us one of the cool kids!