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Are there additional fees?

Bliss Wine Tours does not include tasting fees as part of the tour. This gives you the freedom to choose what flight, bottle or glass of wine you would prefer to enjoy (if any). While Bliss does get exclusive discounts for our guests at some of the wineries, expect an average of $15/per winery or vineyard for a tasting.

We also recommend you eat along the way to help soak up the alcohol. Each location provides an array of menu items you can order from as well. Pricing varies.

Can I buy bottles of wine on my tour?

Absolutely. We recommend you bring along a carriage box to transport your bottles of wine safely.

What should I wear?

Dress for the season and bring layers. Arizona temperatures change drastically in the afternoon and early evening. Additionally, temperatures inside may vary depending on the season. We want you to be comfortable. Think casual. And wear flats as the ground may not always be level walking around the vineyards.

Can I bring my own champagne, wine or beer?

Please do if you want to enhance your ride to and from each location. Bottled water and glasses will be provided for you in the vehicle.

We have one request - no hard alcohol.

Should I bring cash or use my card?

We recommend you bring cash. It can be very time-consuming and will cut into your tour time if multiple cards need to be charged.

Do you have chargers in your vehicles?

We carry iPhone chargers in the vehicles but please feel free to bring your own charger or battery pack for your electronic devices. Coverage is spotty in wine country, which can lead to you depleting your phone.

Can I/we request music or bring our own playlists?

Please download your music preferences onto your phone or iPod. This will ensure you get uninterrupted tunes on your tour (due to spotty coverage in the area).

Do we get discounts at the wineries and vineyards?

Yes! We have relationships with the vineyards and our guests get exclusive discounts at some of the locations.

What happens if I’m running late?

Please leave early if you are prone to running late. It’s really important that you are on time so that everyone gets the full range of the tour. We have appointments at some of the wineries and vineyards and if you are late, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to visit all the locations.

Also, unless you book a private tour, there is a good chance your tour will be with other eager winos. Be courteous to your new friends and don’t make them have to wait for the fun.

Can you recommend local activities and eateries?

Your guide is knowledgeable in the best places to eat the coolest things to do in the area. Take advantage of this resource and utilize your guide. He or she will be happy to help make your stay more enjoyable.

Can I smoke in the car?

To provide the best experience for all our guests and our tour guide, please only smoke outside the vehicle in designated areas. Many people have allergies or sensitivities.

Can I bring other substances to enhance my experience?

No illegal drugs can be consumed or possessed in the vehicle at any time.

Is the deposit refundable?

Yes, up to 30 days before the tour. 30 days or less, the deposit is non-refundable.

What if we have changes to our guest count?

A 7 day notice is required for changes to the head count. If you received a group discount and the agreed upon number of people do not show up, pricing reverts back to our regular rates.

Can we get a private tour?

Absolutely, if you specifically book a private tour. Otherwise, you may have other wine enthusiasts join you. Private tours are not guaranteed if you book one of our standard tours, unless a Bliss Wine Tours representative specifies in writing that it will be private

Is there a charge for spills or damages to the vehicle?

Please treat our vehicle as if it was your own. This ensures that we are able to continue to provide great customer service and luxury transportation at a good rate.

With that said, client is responsible for all damages to the vehicles. Sanitation charges are a minimum of $200 in the case that extra cleaning is required.

Additional charges will be applied if there is a necessity to cancel future tours due to an inability to clean the vehicle in time.

There is a $5 charge for each missing glass. If you use a Bliss glass, please return it before the end of your tour.

What if I leave something in the vehicle?

Bliss Wine Tours is not responsible for items left in the vehicle or at any location of the tour. We will do our best to help you retrieve your items if left in our limo but we recommend you always double check you have all your items before ending the tour.

Our guide terminated our tour. What do we do?

Tour guides have the right to terminate any tour without a refund in the case of misconduct by the client or the client’s party. We want you to enjoy yourself and have fun but please keep in mind everyone’s safety. Out of control guests are no fun for everyone.

What happens if we go into overtime or don’t use all our time?

All overtime is charged by the hour. No refunds for unused time.

How much should we tip our guide?

It is customary to tip 15-20%. Please feel free to tip higher if your guide was exceptional. We recommend you tip in cash when possible.

By providing your credit card information, client authorizes Bliss Wine Tours to charge any applicable fees for contracted service.

Bliss Wine Tours is not responsible in the event of vehicle malfunction, extreme traffic or weather. However, we will make every effort possible to accommodate.