The Dos and Don’ts of Going on Wine Tasting Tours
You don’t need to be a wine connoisseur to experience and enjoy a nice wine-tasting tour. Newbies or people who love an occasional glass at dinnertime partake in wine tours all the time. Even if you’re not an expert, you’ll want to go in with the proper etiquette to get the best out of the experience. Follow these dos and don’ts of going on wine-tasting tours.

Don’t Neglect Water

Water is your friend on a wine-tasting tour. You need to stay hydrated when drinking any alcohol, and clean, cool water in between samples allows you to truly taste the different flavors of each wonderful elixir. The alcohol will dehydrate you and wineries are not bars. Getting inebriated during a wine tasting is not the goal.

If you go without water during the tour, you risk getting dizzy and lightheaded. Plus, it saves you from feeling sick the next day. Drink plenty of water to cleanse your palate between tastings. Avoid mixing the flavors together. You want to be sure to accurately taste and detect the proper notes of each wine.

Do Eat Something

Most tours offer appetizers and small bites during the tasting, typically light items like cheese, fruits, bread, and crackers. Cheese is wine’s best friend, after all; the pairing is absolutely unmatched, and your stomach will thank you for it. At Bliss Wine Tours, we take it one step further and gift each of our guests with their very own personal gourmet lunch consisting of six delicious essentials to choose from.

Never join a wine tasting on an empty stomach. Too much alcohol mixed with too little food leads to feeling nauseous. Sometimes it happens, and that’s why we keep ginger chews on hand, as well as other products specifically for dealing with accidents and mishaps that may happen on a wine tour, such as Wine Away, for those occasional red wine spills. When you book with Bliss Wine Tours, you can rest assured that you won’t go hungry, and that we are there every step of the way to handle any issues that may crop up when drinking wine.

Don’t Wear Fragrances

Refrain from wearing that special cologne or perfume on the day. A wine-tasting tour is a special occasion, but that beautiful scent can throw off the atmosphere of the whole day. Remember the six S’s for wine tasting: see, swirl, sniff, sip, savor, and spit.

During the sniff portion, the taster needs to smell the aroma of the wine and nothing else. Whatever fragrance you have on could overpower the smell of the wine. Hold off on spritzing yourself for the day. Plus, your scent ruins the time for the other tasters because they can’t savor the aromas of a delicate vintage.

Do Talk to Wine Experts

When in doubt, talk with the wine experts. They’re there to help you. Aside from the tour guides, speak with the winemakers. Hearing the story behind the drink you’re sipping can be really magical. You gain a different form of appreciation for the wine too.

At Bliss Wine Tours, we create a luxurious experience for all parties. We offer transportation and a gourmet lunch. The wineries we visit in Arizona include winery owners and winemakers. You’ll hear all the interesting, important details and think about purchasing a bottle before you leave.

We’re all about enjoying a wine-tasting tour the right way, and adhering to these dos and don’ts is the first step.

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