What To Expect on a Wine-Tasting Tour in Arizona
Wine-tasting tours are incredibly popular. They are perfect for date nights, bachelorette parties, family reunions, and more. They allow everyone to have a good time and enjoy themselves. Show this blog to your friends and family members if they’ve never been on a wine tour before. We will explore what to expect on a wine-tasting tour in Arizona.

Clear Your Nose

A significant part of wine tasting is using your nose. It comes from your nose’s olfactory receptors. Ensure you have a clear nose that’s ready for all the delectable scents. Avoid wearing strong perfume or cologne because these can affect how you taste the wine. Those powerful smells will get in the way of the wine’s delicate floral, citrus, or oak notes.

Prepare To Hydrate, Rinse, and Repeat

Drinking water on your wine-tasting tour is key. You don’t want to become dehydrated. You could end up lightheaded and thirsty, especially in the strong Arizona sun. Remember, you don’t have to drink every sip in the glass. You’re welcome to use the spit buckets, especially if it’s a wine you’re not enjoying. Use water to cleanse your palette in between sips. Start with the lighter wines, then move to the deeper and richer ones.

You’re Going To Have Fun

A wine-tasting tour is a chance to relax and have fun. Drink wines you normally don’t try because you don’t have to purchase the whole bottle. Engage in fantastic conversation with the group or with your partner. Wine-tasting tours are perfect for bachelorette parties, weekends with friends, or a day date with the love of your life. There’s really no bad time to have fun on a wine tour.

You’ll Learn New Things About Wine

Expect to learn new things about wine when you’re on the tour. Professionals will guide you through the various wines they’ve prepared, explaining what you should taste, the grapes used to create the wine, and more fun facts. You can use your newly gained knowledge when at your local store, choosing a bottle of wine that will pair nicely with your dinner.

These expectations will help enhance your overall wine-tasting tour experience. Choose Bliss Wine Tours when you’re ready to go on a wine tour in Arizona. Don’t miss our Verde Valley wine tour! We can accommodate large to small groups and couples.

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